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Clark County Amateur Radio Club
Vancouver, WA USA


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Amateur (or Ham) radio is a licensed and noncommercial system of communication and is as old as the medium of radio itself.


Ham radio is a hobby to most participants but hams are best known for the emergency communications they provide during disasters. The club sponsors many activities that provide licensing, training, contesting, public service activities and other demonstration and social events for all hams.


       If you are interested in ham radio emergency communications (Emcomm), click here to learn about the Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (CCARES/RACES)


·          If you are interested in contributing during a disaster but do not belong to a recognized Emcomm group, click here to see how you can 'report what you see' and your information will be sent to the Clark County Emergency Managers via the Clark County Amateur Radio Club's "EYEWARN" net.



       Domestically and internationally, hams are licensed by their respective government to communicate on a wide variety of radio frequency bands.


         If you’ve ever wondered where the term ‘Ham’ came from… ?

"Ham: a poor operator. A 'plug.'"

That's the definition of the word given in G. M. Dodge's The Telegraph Instructor even before radio. The definition has never changed in wire telegraphy. The first wireless operators were landline telegraphers who left their offices to go to sea or to man the coastal stations. They brought with them their language and much of the tradition of their older profession.

[radio] Amateurs, possibly unfamiliar with the real meaning of the term, picked it up and applied it to themselves in true "Yankee Doodle" fashion and wore it with pride. As the years advanced, the original meaning has completely disappeared.


Please take the time to explore this website page and learn more about the long and proud heritage and the many activities of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club.



For an informative brochure about the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, click here.



2017 Club Officers and Directors





Nicole Crosby



Vice President/

President Elect:




Barbara Yasson




Ron Ames





Board of Directors



Community Relations & Club Services:

Trevor Best



Club General:

Mark Gaunt



Club Records:

Gary Takis




Tim Kuhlman




Rick Smith



Club Liaison:

Vanessa McCoy





President’s Staff


Past President:

Rick Aragon


Public Information Officer: Dan Melhorn KF7BHM
Club Information Officer: Nicole Crosby N7XBY



CCARC Organizational Chart 


    Click here to view the current year leadership organizational chart



CCARC Bylaws 


    Click here to view the current CCARC Bylaws



CCARC Purpose and Goals 


    Click here to view the CCARC Purpose and Goals



CCARC Officer, Director, and Staff Position Job Descriptions



Vice-President /President Elect



CCARC Leadership Task Matrix


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CCARC Policies 

Activity Coordinator Life Membership
Club Repeaters Non-Discrimination
Complimentary Memberships Member Recognition
Equipment Loaner Program Use of CCARC Public Service Support Kit
Leadership Working Group W7AIA License Trustee

CCARC Forms 


    Click here to open, fill-in and print the club reimbursement form.

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Membership Information


Our membership year runs from January 1st through Dec 31st annually.

For membership information, click here.


Club Call Sign (W7AIA) Trustee

Tim Kuhlman, KD7RUS

Dec 2014 - Present

Don Unruh, NX7J

Jul 2004 - Dec 2014

Bill St John, NW7L Feb 2001 - Jul 2004
Robert J Groth, WA2PRB May 1997 - Feb 2001
Ken Weber, K7CLL Nov 1995 - May 1997
Murray Dow, AA7HT Dec 1991 - Nov 1995

Columbus U Matsler, N7ANP

Nov 1985 - Dec 1991

James R Townsley, K7SUX May 1975 - Nov 1985
? ?

Floyd March,

Apr 1934 - ?


Club Meeting Location

Salmon Creek American Legion
14011 NE 20th Ave
Vancouver, WA  98686

Club Heritage

Vancouver Amateur Radio Club

June 1930 - April 30, 1951

Clark County Amateur Radio Club

May 1, 1951 – Present

ARRL Affiliation

August 2, 1932

W7AIA callsign

April 6, 1934

Articles of Incorporation

August 28, 1956


January 7, 2011

50 Year ARRL Affiliation

August 2, 1982

75 Year ARRL Affiliation

August 2, 2007

ARRL Special Service Club (SSC)

November 1995


The CCARC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Past Club Presidents

For a list of past CCARC Presidents, click here.



Life Membership


The following members have been selected to receive Life Memberships by the CCARC Board of Directors because of their dedicated service.  Some of the recipients are now Silent Keys. The collective contributions to this club by these individuals would take pages to list. 


To see the criteria for Life Memberships, click here . 


To see the recipients of Life Memberships, click here.

Club Logo

The current logo was designed by Marianna Kearney/W7WFO in 1966. Marianna also created the 75th & 80th anniversary logo.


Club Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, W7AIA Rocking Chair Copy, contains many articles of interest to the membership. The newsletter title of ‘W7AIA Rocking Chair Copy’ was created in 1966 from a contest won by Ty Kearney and son Alan.


Wayne Schuler


2010 - Present

Bob Goodale


1987- 2009



? - 1987

The current club newsletter is sent directly to members in good standing. For copies of past editions, click here.

CCARC Silent Keys (SK)

For a list of Club members that are now remembered as Silent Keys (SK), click here.


Club History

<< a summary is being compiled! >>


CCARC Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Our monthly Board of Director Meeting Minutes are published monthly in our “Rocking Chair Copy” newsletter. To view them, see the files area of our W7AIA Yahoo Group site at



6 Meter Repeater
(tone 94.8) Yacolt

(Note: 6M Offset is -1.700)

2 Meter Repeater
147.24+ (94.8) Livingston

125 cm Repeater
224.36- (94.8) Livingston

70 cm Repeaters
443.125+ (94.8) Yacolt

  443.825+ (94.8) Memorial

443.900+ (94.8) Larch

  443.925+ (94.8) Livingston

23 cm Repeater
1292.50- (94.8) Livingston


The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service


Contact us today and join us at a meeting!


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