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The Annual Clark County ARC Field Day



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The History of the ARRL Field Day


Amateur Radio operators have been transmitting from “the field” ever since radio has been around. Since 1933, the American Radio Relay League – the National Association for Amateur Radio – has formalized this activity for one weekend each June, called Field Day. During Field Day, over 35,000 “hams” across the United States, Canada, and many other countries take their radio gear out of their homes and set up temporary stations almost anywhere imaginable: public parks, beaches, mountaintops, baseball diamonds, atop parking garages, and yes, even in fields. They do so as part of a local club, with just a friend or two or their family, or individually. In 2011, over 1.4 million radio contacts were made between Amateur Radio operators during the Field Day weekend.



For more information on the CCARC Field Day, contace the W7AIA Field Day Planning Coordinators at



Field Day 2017 – June 24-25, 2017


Field day planning meetings are held at 11:00a.m. on the 2nd Saturday of every month at

the 40 ET 8 Boxcar Room, 7607 Northeast 26th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98665.


Field Day Flyer:  Click here

Field Day Schedule of Public Events:  Click here

Field Day Operator Schedule:  Click here

Field Day Operator Notes:  Click here

N1MM Logging Instructions:  Click here

Field Day Site Layout:  Click here

Field Day Security Schedule:  Click here


W1AW/K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule: Click here




  Field Day 2016 – June 25-26


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  Field Day 2015 – June 26-28


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  Field Day 2014 – June 28-29


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  Field Day 2013 – June 22-23


Our Results… click here.



Field Day 2012 – June 23-24



Our Results


To see the individual club operator results of the CCARC

“Field Day is not a Contest – Over 100” Award, click here.




6 Meter Repeater
(tone 94.8) Yacolt

(Note: 6M Offset is -1.700)

2 Meter Repeater
  147.24+ (94.8) Livingston

125 cm Repeater
  224.36- (94.8) Livingston

70 cm Repeaters
  443.125+ (94.8) Yacolt

  443.825+ (94.8) Mem Hosp

  443.900+ (94.8) Larch   

  443.925+ (94.8) Livingston

23 cm Repeater
  1292.50- (94.8) Livingston


The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service


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