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We are a 'Volunteer Organization' and an ARRL 'Special Service Club'!
We co-sponsor with OTVARC the annual SEA-PAC Ham Convention and ARRL NW Division Conference in Seaside, Oregon.
We appreciate your looking us over and hope you like what you see.

For an informative brochure about the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, click here.
To view the video recording made of the virtual General Meetings, click here.

Monthly Meeting Day and Location

A Board of Directors decision changed our normal Club meeting day of the month and location moving it to the SECOND Friday monthly with a 6:30 PM ‘Meet and Greet’ then the meeting start at 7:00 PM.  The location change started 9 July 2021 meeting and is now here:

American Legion - Smith-Reynolds Post 14
4607 NE St James Rd, Vancouver, WA 98663

The meetings at the new location will be face-to-face for those that wish to attend the live event or watch it on Zoom at https://www.tinyurl.com/ccarc-zoom.

Amateur Radio License Testing

The scheduled amateur radio license testing sessions are posted here.

CCARC Surplus Equipment For Sale

The Clark County Amateur Radio Club has property that has become excess to club needs, was donated to sell, or other sources. Click here to view the list.
If you are interested in any of the items, contact Dave/WZ8T at equipment-sales@w7aia.org.The list is updated periodically, so check back to see what is available.

Upcoming Activities

The Clark County Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL “Special Service Club”.  See the logo in the upper right corner of this page.   ARRL Special Service Clubs go the extra mile to provide ongoing Training and Community Service.

To learn more about all of the events we have scheduled, click here.

As an active club member that supports club activities, be sure and volunteer to do your part!
To volunteer for one (or more) of the club’s community service or other activities coming up, click on the Sign Up button and volunteer to help out.

Interested In Learning About the CCARC EYEWARN Program?

To view an informative video on the EYEWARN program in Clark County, click here.

For more information, visit the website at www.eyewarn.net or contact James/KE7ZAC at info@eyewarn.net.

Follow Us On Social Media

If you "Follow", "Like", or otherwise use any of the social media tools that are out there, here is a list of CCARC social media sources to see what the club is doing.

Looking For An Elmer?

Do you need help with your HAM station, tower, or other equipment?
Do you need assistance with getting on the air?
Do you need help with _____ (fill in the blank)?
Click here to see a list of CCARC "Elmers" (Amateur Radio operators who are willing to "mentor" and assist in any way they can!)

The Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Providing Community Service

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